Wednesday, January 26, 2022

When you think of John Davidson…what comes to mind? Sometimes it can be difficult for me not to be overly excited with certain entertainers that I am fortunate enough to meet or talk too.

After many years of procrastinating I have finally put most of my older interviews on my website at

I’ve spoke to Presidents, pop culture rarities, murderers, musicians, actors, and even Ozzy Osbourne (he’s sort of in his own category). I even got to interview a singer who’s song I was named after but sometimes there is a guest who you just personally think is so dam cool. Especially, if you associate lots of great entertainment memories with that guest.

My list of people who turn me into a “fanboy” isn’t your “typical” list of celebrities. You’d understand if you knew the amount of pop culture and entertainment I was exposed to my whole life. I come from a family of entertainers in some way.

My list of “influencers” include: Johnny Carson, Dick Clark, Phil Donahue, Dick Cavett, John Davidson, Casey Kasem, Dean Martin, and Paul McCartney.

Typical? Maybe. But I think a few of the names are a bit unique….like John Davidson. But, between That’s Incredible! and Hollywood Squares….he encapsulated everything I liked about entertainment. Keep in mind….John Davidson was a guest host for Johnny Carson multiple times. Interesting that two of the people on my “fanboy” list worked closely together. Bird of a feather, right?

We talk about his “Hollywood” looks (which we make fun during our interview) but those dimples sold! The hair, the swagger, and yes….the cheese of it all! Deliciously, “70s/80s Yacht Rock cheese” – all John Davidson needed to do was grow a porn ‘stache and he has the whole picture.

Some have said that this actually might have hampered his chances to be taken seriously as a dramatic actor but those who say that…probably don’t understand the real “John Davidson”.

It is *CLEAR* that he is at his best in front of an audience. He feeds off the energy and it is very apparent at his new gig Club Sandwich in New Hampshire.

Details about the venue and John’s shows here:

I am grateful that John didn’t spend his career focused on being “an actor”. I think it would have stifled his ability to be “John Davidson”. That would have prevented his own daytime talk show, The John Davidson Show, singing on his own TV Christmas specials and guesting in episodes of The Love Boat (1977) and Fantasy Island (1977).

But it wasn’t until That’s Incredible! (1980) that I really started appreciating him. The show’s format fit John like a glove but….(sorry John) I must admit…there were times that I tuned in for Cathy Lee Crosby because….well….feathered hair!

John talks about being in his 80s and still working. You get the sense that out of all the wonderful career accolades that this “icon” (a word that I am embarrassed to say I overly used a bit – although believe he fits the title) has been involved in…he seems to have a new glow and light from him when he talks about his latest gig Club Sandwich.

It’s John’s new New Hampshire performance venue, located in Center Sandwich, New Hampshire, CLUB SANDWICH and presents entertainment 4 nights every week until October. After that, they close for the season and will re-open in June. You’ll enjoy an intimate musical evening in a cozy room with an audience of 30-40 friendly folks but mostly you see a veteran entertainer singing and telling Hollywood stories in (what just might be) his most passionate gig ever.


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