Janice Dean – FOX News talks about Gov. Andrew Cuomo directing nursing homes to take COVID patients.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s Health Department broke the law by refusing to provide a government watchdog group with the total nursing home death toll from COVID-19.

Fox News Senior Meteorologist Janice Dean has been uncharacteristically vocal but after losing her in-laws during the pandemic, she became outspoken against Cuomo and his mandate last spring that moved COVID-19-positive seniors into nursing homes.

A total of 6,326 seniors who tested positive for the virus were moved into nursing facilities between March and May last year at the outset of the pandemic, according to the state Department of Health.

State Attorney General Letitia James released a report alleging the Cuomo administration undercounted Covid-19 deaths in nursing homes by as much as 50%, and may have obscured data available to assess the risk to patients.

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