Norman VanCor author of a new book on his experiences in Vietnam – Swift Silent Deadly

Parker Springfield talks with Spofford, NH based author Norman VanCor about his new book “Swift, Silent, Deadly” a book he wrote about his missions into the jungles of Vietnam.

Written “to share stories with his family” the book does much more. Written not just as a factual account of those missions but also it tries to capture his overall emotions during this time.

You’ll read about some missions were successful and others that were not. What you do get is Norman’s detailed personal accounts.

His experiences are real, emotional and sometimes even a little humorous.

They touch on the importance of never forgetting sacrifices of all heroes which transitions into a talk about the current situation in Afghanistan Afghanistan as the Taliban makes rapid gains, capturing major cities and prompting concerns over the safety of U.S. diplomatic personnel and civilians on the ground.

They also spend a large amount of time talking about the Brattleboro, Vermont appearance of the Vietnam Memorial replica “The Moving Wall” which will be in Brattleboro, Vermont a 265 feet long travelling memorial.

It will be installed on the northeastern end of the Moore Field in Brattleboro, off Route 5 and Interstate 91 north in front of the Fulflex facility, from Sept. 16th to 20th 2021

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