Rick Springfield – his Audible book “World On Fire” and the 40th Anniversary of “Work Class Dog”.

Over the past four decades, Rick Springfield has worn many hats as an entertainer and performer. The creator of some of the finest power-pop of the ’80s, a Grammy winning singer, songwriter, and musician who has sold 25 million albums and scored 17 U.S. Top 40 hits, including “Jessie’s Girl,” “Don’t Talk to Strangers,” “An Affair of the Heart,” “I’ve Done Everything for You,” “Love Somebody,” and “Human Touch.”

He’s an accomplished actor who has starred opposite Meryl Streep in the feature film “Ricki and the Flash,” gave a chameleonic performance as the creepy Dr. Irving Pitlor in HBO’s prestige drama “True Detective,” earned great reviews for his portrayal of Lucifer on the CW hit “Supernatural” and most recently played the insane Pastor Charles on FX’s worldwide hit series “American Horror Story.”

An author as well, both his candid 2010 memoir Late, Late at Night (which Rolling Stone named one of the 25 greatest rock memoirs of all time) and his 2014 comedic novel Magnificent Vibration earned rave reviews and spots on the New York Times Best Sellers’ list. In 2014, Springfield was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, located around the corner from the first apartment he lived in when he first arrived in the U.S. from Australia in 1971. His latest album “Orchestrating My Life” was released in April 2019 to wide acclaim.

It has been over six years since Rocker and Author Rick Springfield released his New York Times best-selling novel, Magnificent Vibration. Fans have been patiently awaiting the sequel as the first novel concluded with a nail-biting ending. The wait is over. The sequel written by Springfield, without a ghost-writer, is done and the Audible original World On Fire will be out January 28, 2021.

Say’s Springfield about the environmentally conscious book, “Houston, we have a problem! Pandemic. Fires. Hurricanes. Isolation. TV re-runs. The end seems near. I love our planet, as we all do, and the destruction we’re bringing to her door is frightening. I really want to change the ending. Then, I realized that I could, IN FICTION, because…well…its fiction. So I wrote a novel about it and gave our planet a happier resolution. Of sorts.”

WORLD ON FIRE picks up where MAGNIFICENT VIBRATION left off: with the hapless Bobby Cotton and his beloved bride Alice Young having unleashed a global pandemic (to save their world) that’s fast wiping out half the world’s population, just as a planet-sized object appears in the heliosphere with its alien heart pointed at the crumbling waterworld. Bobby guides a very pregnant Alice and a motley crew of survivors to the Middle East, running from the hazards of a world that has fallen to pieces in a way more thorough than any we have ever seen before. But Bobby and Alice’s newborn daughter is born with astonishing abilities. And she’s not alone. A miraculous convergence is headed for a single building by the sea of Galilee, where the stakes include the survival of the Earth as we know it, and the human race, as hungry alien eyes watch and close in. By turns hilarious and deadly serious, WORLD ON FIRE explores the fate of the Earth in an utterly original way.

Springfield also says this about the release: “6 years in the making!!! The sequel to my first novel Magnificent Vibration. Apparently, Horatio Cotton and (ex-nun) Sister Alice Young did the “deed” because there is a plague afoot. This novel was begun way before COVID but finished during the lockdown which made it especially bizarre to me. Hopefully, it provides some needed laughs, a few tears, and a conclusion of sorts.”

World on Fire is a stand alone novel without the necessity to read the prequel Magnificent Vibration first, but for those who did, the wait for the conclusion of the nail-biting being is over.

Rick Springfield and Audible collaborated on the recording of this hilarious, original story.

To order World on Fire click here: http://www.audible.com/worldonfire

Find more interviews at https://www.parkerspringfield.com

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